MCL Organizational License Plates


The Department of Maryland has updated our current plate design.  The round 2 logo is being replaced with a 3 Eagle, Globe and Anchor (EGA).  If you desire new plates please contact the new Dept License Plate Chairman Craig P. Reeling at 443-477-0670 or .  Cost is $30 ($25 to MVA + $5 fee to Department of MD). This is a onetime fee to MVA.  You continue to pay your normal registration in whatever month/year it is currently due.

If you currently have MCL plates and want the new ones, you will get a new number and will be required to surrender your old plates to MVA.


The MCL does not have motorcycle plates yet.  The process is the same for getting auto tags as it is for motorcycle tags.  The department would need to get 25 interested members together to have the DMV create them. These 25 members need only be a member of any Department of MD Marine Corps League Detachment. If you are truly interested contact Craig Reeling the Department Judge Advocate at so that he can start consolidating a listing until he has a minimum of 25 or more and he will get the wheels turning.  

Associate Members are currently authorized to get our MCL Plates.  This may change in the future BUT there will be exceptions for Gold Star Family members who are MCL Associates.

The state just introduced a new US Marine Corps Plate for motorcycles. See below. All you need to have is a Marine Corps DD214 to get them.  It has the full Official USMC logo listing Department of the Navy.  So you can tell a Marine did not create this.

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