Visiting Our Wounded Warriors



Several times a year detachment members along with friends and fellow bikers travel to the Western Shore to visit some of our Wounded Warriors at the National Navy Medical Center. Detachment member Jeff Merritt and his wife Diana normally head up these events and is usually accompanied by Detachment member Walt Cohee and sometimes his wife Jeanne who are Gold Star parents of "Trae" after whom our detachment was named.

Being a 'biker' is not a requirement for joining this group as support vehicles make these trips and car pooling is normally always available to anyone that would like to go.

Dates and times for future trips will be posted on this page and in "The Scuttlebutt" for anyone that would be interested.

For now the detachment would like to post some pictures of the trip made on Saturday January 21, 2012.

I want to thank everyone for joining us on the trip to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The meaning of what we did goes far beyond the gift bags and the Girl Scout cookies that we passed out. It was a great day and I'm already looking forward to the next trip in the warmer weather on bikes!!

There were many stories told yesterday and the facility is an amazing place where the Wounded Warriors and their families can get the care they deserve.

Please enjoy the following pictures (thanks Renee!!) and again, thank you so much for your time and efforts as we showed our support for the Wounded Warriors.

Jeff Merritt

This trip was made on September 25, 2010.

Staging at Applebee's parking lot

Breakfast at Applebee's

Westward Bound

Walt Cohee on the Bay Bridge

Lady Di crossing the Bay Bridge

Hogs on the road


Arrival at NNMC













Those that made this trip

The detachment "Thanks You" 









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